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I am an artist. Since I was a baby, I have been drawing every single day. I love art and I love to invent characters and stories. In addition to sketching and working with markers, I have also created digital art, 3D designs, sculpture and animation. My first love is drawing.

Emily Leeds

About Me

Name: Emily Leeds

Age: 15

Location: Fort Lauderdale / USA

The best way to get to know me is to follow me and enjoy the artwork I post on social media. Please follow me on Instagram and let me know what you like. If you think that a piece of art that I have featured on Instagram should be in the gallery of this website, please let me know.


YAA Recycled Fashion Show November 15, 2019

Davie, Florida: 13th Annual Teen Comic Con at Young At Art Museum on July 12, 2019

Miami, Florida: Florida Super Con 2019 July 4-7, 2019

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